Death Stranding Confirmed for PC Release

PS4 Timed Exclusive


Death Stranding releases on PlayStation 4 in less than two weeks and we got an announcement today that is pretty exciting for the PC community. Kojima Productions’ official Twitter account posted that Death Stranding will be releasing on PC in summer 2020.

Many are surprised about this news because of the heavy marketing Hideo Kojima has done with PlayStation for this game over the past few years. For those who have forgotten when PlayStation and Kojima announced this partnership back in Dec. 2015 it was already confirmed that his next title, Death Stranding, will be console exclusive. Meaning that a PC release would be in the works.

In the description of the video above it says “The first software title created by the newly formed Kojima Productions will be console exclusive to PlayStation 4.” We haven’t heard about a PC version of the game since Death Stranding was announced so many thought it would just be a PS4 exclusive. Especially when Kojima decided to use Guerilla Games’ proprietary Decima Engine.

505 Games has announced that it will publish the PC version of Death Stranding via their Twitter page. There is no word yet if it will release on the Epic Game Store or Steam. More information will follow soon.

Being that this is Kojima’s first title in this new studio it makes sense to get as many players playing his new game as possible. Maybe in the future, he will expand on other platforms or will just continue to do partnerships with PlayStation.

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