I Miss Playstation Home. Am I Alone? Sit Down, Let’s Reminisce.


If you own and play PlayStation, you’re part of a community whether you acknowledge and like it or not. During the beginning of the last generation of consoles we were given PlayStation Home as a free application. This was a new concept, we’ve never seen this before on a console.

When I first booted up the application after months and possibly years of neglecting its existence, I had no idea what it was and what I should do with it.

I guess it was one of those days when the PlayStation was just on and I was bored enough to boot up PlayStation Home again and play around with it. It didn’t take long to figure out how to move about and what to get yourself involved in. You really discover new stuff when you’re bored don’t you?

It also didn’t take long for PS Home to become a regular part of the latter part of my PS3s lifespan.

To me, PlayStation Home wasn’t just a home front for PS players alike to be social. Meet, congregate, and converse. Dance, bowl, and play pool with strangers. To me PS Home was The Bridge to Terabithia. It was my escape from reality when reality was too much. It was where I went when I felt alone in my world. Where I went when I needed a friend. When I needed plans on the weekend. PS Home was there for me. And it was free.

At first I mostly spent my time ska dancing in front of random women avatars until they were no longer impressed with my “stock” dance moves. Fair to say I didn’t have many to choose from. Some would dance along with me. Most would run away. If I wasn’t dancing I was pitching random convo subjects to cool looking custom avatars.

I hated small talk in real life, took no effort, felt robotic and monotonous. To small talk to strangers in PS Home took effort. You had to type with your DualShock controller because you likely didn’t have the attachable keyboard. You made virtual friends in the span of 3 minutes. Platonic speed dating, anyone?

Now In real life you’d be much less likely to approach strangers and start conversing or dancing. Unless you’re extroverted and outgoing, unlike me. In PS Home it was the nonverbally established culture norm. You could also dance and talk to yourself near the community fountain and that was perfectly okay. There was no judgement.

How would you feel if you found out the live music lounge or jazz club or local cafe you go to every week is going out of business? And then it DID? March 31 2015 is when that became relaity for me. And of course the 41 million active users at the time.

I sulked but I smiled at the good times. I was at a better place in life at the time. I was no longer the enstranged, lonely little gamer I once was. I miss it still to this day BUT there is one similar application with VERY similar qualities and possibilities. That being VRChat, which is exclusive for PC.

This was a personal piece for me. No news here. There are no sumors or any speculation regarding a PS Home for PS5. I just wanted to know if I’m alone in my longing for another interactive playstation community.

Am I alone? Did you play PS Home? What do you miss most? Do you hope for another rendition at all? Let us know.

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  1. Yeah home was awesome I met alot of folks from different regions on there, I had tons of different clubs I was almost off like home improvement club. Founding members. The free games they had, different ways to decorate my apartment. Go bowling or racing etc they had so many things to do. Alot of options to dress up as. Wish it was on ps4 and no nebula realms isn’t the same ir phone 2!

    • Yeah, it was so easy to get involved with something or someone in Home. Tons of things to do to keep entertained or busy, plenty of strangers to converse with or bother. They were making so much money from it, and it had so many active users that it puzzles me why they decided to pull the plug on it. As well as no rumors or speculation on it returning? PS Home would be perfect for today’s demographic of gamers. I miss it very much man.

  2. I LOVED IT.
    Played All Day, Every Day. And it may come back. SONY renewed the trademark when it expired end 2018. And in May 2019 they changed the trademark adress. So THEY WANT IT. Now I hope they DO IT.

    • Interesting! I didnt know they renewed that trademark. Im going to look more into this now, thank you sir. I really hope they consider bringing it back. It would be absolutley perfect for next gen.

      • I’m right there with you man. Make that one of the selling points for the PS5 and I will then become a day 1 buyer.


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