It’s Too Early For Next Gen Consoles. Why Make Such A Claim? Well Let Me Explain..


Before I begin please understand, I WANT to see and experience the new generation of consoles just as much as you and the next guy/girl do. I just don’t see them as necessary right now.
My XBOX and PS4 do everything I need it to do. They are an extension of me and my lifestyle. My backlog of games I have yet to download and play is EXTENSIVE. I know I
cant be the only one.

Hear me out..

Since the launch of the first PlayStation console, 1994, on average there’s been a 7 year window in between consoles releases.

Ps2 released in 2000, then came Xbox and GameCube in 01’.

Most notably, this generation of consoles introduced:

DVD ROM drive
8-10x power of prior generation’s GPU
Basic User Interface

Of course there were many more additions and changes in comparison to these two generations, but these I chose specifically because they were HUGE relative to that time. Integrating a DVD Rom (PS2 & XB)

Graphics were exponentially better. Games played and looked smoother and were much less clunky and pixelated.

The (very basic) UI gave the consoles another dimension, as if they were more than simple gaming consoles.

With these few changes, these consoles grew more to be more like entertainment systems. Still, for the most part, they were just cooler looking consoles with “cool looking graphics”.

05’ – 06’ was the transition from that generation into the big 3 that we knew as the PS3, Xbox360 and the Wii.

This generation of consoles brought forth the most innovation and advancement in a gaming console we have YET to see to this day. Its like we went from riding horses to flying planes within 7 short years.

To name more than a few changes other than the traditional graphics and memory upgrades:

  • Blu ray integration
  • HDMI
  • Online multiplayer
  • Hard drive
  • Motion sensing hardware/software
  • Remote Play
  • Wireless rechargeable controllers
  • Digital purchases & downloads
  • Internet Browser
  • Personal gaming profiles
  • Trophies/Achievements.
Of course these advancements came with their own set of problems..

This generation of consoles introduced what 21st century gaming should be and what it currently is.

You see where I’m going with this trend right?

Let me finish..

6-7 years later we were hungry for EVEN MORE.

Then came in the current generation we know own and love. 2013.
XBONE, PS4, WII U (2012) (If you want to include this as a successor to the Wii)

This generation of consoles pretty much enhanced everything listed in the prior generation’s innovation list. Admittedly, they did it really well.

Aside from the usual upgrade in power, capacity, and accesibility..

The most notable (and new) innovations were

  • Virtual reality hardware/software
  • Voice integration and command

What do all these transitions between old and new generations of consoles have in common?

Innovation. I’m not just talking about enhancements and upgrades. We get that with anything new.
Innovation? That’s when you implement online multiplayer to a console when it was once unheard of.

So let me ask you something.. what is it you’re excited for? What are you anticipating? Is it VR, like we got for this current generation? Is it online multiplayer integration, like we received in the Xbox era? Is it a console/handheld hybrid like the Nintendo Switch? Could it possibly be motion sensing equipment? Wii, kinect, ps Eye, etc.

My guess is that you’re simply excited about satisfying your curiosity.

  1. Seeing what the new consoles look like.
  2. How powerful the are in comparison
  3. How nice the new controllers feel in your hands. How much faster your games take to load.
  4. All the pretty colorssssssss.

*Enhancements and upgrades, my nerds*

Will we get a nano-portable game console you can deploy at any given moment?

Perhaps virtual screen projection?

Aside from the usual upgrade in what we ALREADY have, what are we going to see? what’s the selling point of these new generation consoles?

Or will it simply remain more advanced hardware with “even cooler looking games”?

What are your thoughts?


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