T.I. Lists Top 50 Rappers On “ExpediTIously” Podcast

No, he doesn't rank himself #1


On his most recently released episode of his podcast “ExpediTIously” T.I. sits down with his cast consisting of Big Bank Black, Ace Boogie and Bryce Harris as they construct a list from top to bottom of who they deem worthy of the top 50 spots in Hip-Hop.

These decisions are overseen by a majority rules voting mechanic, so compromises were made multiple times by different individuals. The task was so monumental that it was completed over the course of two 50 minute episodes full of witty banter and sound reasoning.

A snippet is attached below:

TMM posted their revised list shortly after the original took the internet by storm and it is attached below (this is not the same list as the finalized podcast version)

Will you be listening to ExpedTIously for the full list? Let us know and as always keep it locked here at NerdGangNation for all your Hip-Hop news and updates.


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