UPS receives FAA approval to fly as many delivery drones as it wants.

Enter The Age Of Skynet


UPS has released a statement saying that they have received the required approval to operate what they are calling the first “drone airline”.

In July, UPS stated that they were seeking permission from the Federal Aviation Administration to operate the airline, and today they received news of their approval.

From The Verge:

UPS says the certification will let the company fly as many drones as it wants, let its drones fly beyond a pilot’s visual line of sight, carry cargo that weighs more than 55 pounds, and fly at night. None of these things are allowed without an exemption from the FAA, and Part 135 Standard clears UPS to do them all the time.

Don’t expect to see drones dropping off packages just yet, as UPS states it will first use the developing network for hospital campuses around the country.

Does the prospect of drones flying overhead in abundance make you nervous? Let us know your thoughts and keep it locked to NerdGangNation for all your technology news and updates.


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