Halo 2: Examining Its Impact On Gaming


With the anniversary of Halo 2 just a few days ago I wanted to take time and reflect on the impact the game and the series has had on the industry.

I’m a PlayStation head. Sony all day baby. BUT…I wouldn’t be able to call myself a gamer without giving the Halo franchise its proper acknowledgment and recognition it so rightfully deserves. We can all say and agree that the halo franchise (especially Halo 2 & 3) redefined FPS campaigns/story mode, and set the standard for FPS online play. While it wasn’t the first first-person shooter or the first online multiplayer shooter, it does have a lot of “firsts” tied to its legacy.

Like I said previously, Halo obviously didn’t invent multiplayer. But the first console game to incorporate local system-link in addition to split-screen competition? Halo did that. The first console game to inspire friends to lug their monitors and rigs to each other’s houses for nightly LAN parties? Halo did that too. The first console game to make online matchmaking efficient? Halo (well, technically Halo 2) did that. And the first game to introduce us to foul-mouthed, trash-talking, teabagging 11 year-olds? Those very 11 year olds have evolved (or devolved) into COD campers if you were wondering where they went.

The personal impact the Halo franchise had on me also extended to my friends and family in the form of a shared experience. What were our plans when we got home from school and BS’d through our Homework? Halo 3 online. What were our plans when we went over our friends house down the street? Halo 3 co-op or local split-screen. What were our plans on weekends after skating all day outside? Halo 3 online. It was part of the culture. Everyone in our circle of friends knew what was up. I know we weren’t the only ones who started to clique up and recruit other people we played online that we thought were good. Man those were good times.

Some of the mechanics and modes that made Halo unique at the time were:

  • Custom Maps
  • Custom Rules
  • Zombies Vs. Humans
  • Swords Only
  • Shotguns Only
  • Pistols Only
  • Hammers Only

In comparison to what’s currently popular like Call of Duty or Fortnite etc, they all share some of the same elements of Halo that give them that same level of replay value.

The Halo franchise is no longer at the top of the food chain but there is a new iteration of Halo dropping soon from Microsoft. I have not been excited for a Halo release since Halo: Reach honestly, but who knows? This could relight the fire that burned when I was smashing hopeful foes in team doubles.

Tell us about your history with the Halo franchise. Which was your favorite? Are you excited for the new upcoming Halo? Let us know!
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