What Spooky Titles Scare Nerd Gang the Most?


Happy Halloween! Tis the season the carve pumpkins, trick-or-treat, and of course, indulge in your favorite horror games. Today we bring you something a little different, and special. Something festive. Everyone has their own personal experience with that specific horror title that’s left them with the feeling of never wanting to play horror games again. The feeling of not wanting to open that door, or follow that dark trail or hallway because you know something malevolent is waiting for you. Today, the staff at Nerd Gang Nation is going to share their personal favorites with you, and their background surrounding the titles. Enjoy!

Edward MasonOutlast (2014)

“As a lifelong gamer, there have been a handful of games that truly horrified me, providing a shock factor that lingers today as I recall those titles. However many of those games fall victim to the shortcomings of their time. Whether it be graphic limitations or poor plot lines some games become etched in your mind regardless and hold a position of bias based on your memories associated with them and the age at which you played the game. So to try and have a more objective-based pick for the spookiest game I limited myself to a title from this current console generation. What I kept coming back to time and time again was Outlast. Outlast is the story of a freelance investigative journalist Miles Upshur who embarks on a journey to investigate a psychiatric hospital known as Mount Massive Asylum. In that last sentence alone you can sense the upward trend of your heartbeat and the symptoms that accompany that. This game took my anxiety and pushed it to new limits as a constant game of cat and mouse ensued that you never truly escape from. Just when I thought I figured out the way the story would play out, the narrative would evolve and I’d once again be left wondering what’s next. Jumpscare after jump scare, plot twist after plot twist the game felt fresh and terrifying at the same time. If you are trying to experience something that will satisfy that horror itch this game is a must-play.”

Denzel PropheteResident Evil (1996)

“I don’t get scared playing horror games anymore now but the scariest moment during a game I remember happened while playing Resident Evil on the original PlayStation. At the time I was only 8 years old and the game belonged to my older cousin. It was a rainy day outside and my cousin wanted to scare me and made me play Resident Evil in a room with no lights. I thought I was being tough and not wanted to be called “chicken” by not playing. I really didn’t know exactly what to expect because at the time I never knew what the game was about, all I knew it was something scary. After getting acquainted with the opening scenes and creepy setting of the mansion the 8-year-old me became very frightened. The fixed camera angles, zombies all over, no hand-holding, and controls that I wasn’t really used to had me nervous walking around the mansion. The rainy atmosphere and thundering outside didn’t help the mood at all. Especially when the power went out while I was playing. Because of this, I didn’t go back to the game years later when I wasn’t as scared as before. Resident Evil is definitely a game that helped pioneered horror into video games.”

Kenyon WellingtonPrey (2017)

“I’ve never been a fan of horror ANYTHING. Games, movies, stories, etc. not because they’re scary or intimidating at all. It’s because… literally the opposite. They just don’t make horror like they use to. Not to sound tough or badass or anything like that, a lot of them come off as corny, and they just don’t move me like I feel like they SHOULD.

Now of course, there are exceptions to EVERYTHING. And in this case, there are a few exceptions. I have room and time to share 1 exception. While it doesn’t fall into the category of horror specifically, it surely should. It’s technically a first-person sci-fi survival. The game is called Prey.

Prey is among my favorites because it’s the first game in a very long time that made me consider quitting because I was so tired of playing on the edge of my seat. This game made me that uncomfortable. There are many jump scares and frightening scenes throughout the game that you don’t expect.

This game wasn’t pitched to me as a horror, but it feels like one because EVERYWHERE you go as you proceed through the game, you’re looking around nervously. Waiting for the next creature or monster to lunge at you. And I PROMISE you, I’m very hard to scare. Ask my woman and child.

There aren’t many games that keep my attention long enough for me to start AND finish. Prey was one of these games. I actually would’ve played it again but I didn’t want the stress of having to beat the game again on an even HARDER difficulty. The one I beat it on was difficult enough. I’d recommend Prey to anyone who enjoys FPS, sci-fi, survival and or horror games. It’s all of the above. And it delivers. Go play Prey.”

Demetrius BrownSilent Hill: Shattered Memories (2009)

“For my choice of horror. I’m going with a not so looked at entry of a particularly fond series. My choice is Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. Originally released on the Wii as an exclusive then gradually coming to PS2/PSP later on down the line. Shattered Memories was a retelling of the first entry of the series. But it was a lot changed that added a few depths of fear and scariness. For one, Harry has therapy sessions with a doctor throughout the game. Depending on your choice of selections in the sessions. It molds the Silent Hill around Harry. This could turn for gut-wrenching fear or it could play on minuscule areas like visual or audio effects throughout your traversal of Silent Hill. Silent Hill: Shattered Memories scared me for multiple reasons. The chase scenes didn’t go into death scenes. However, the monsters would crowd around you until you had a mental break as you couldn’t fight back. The musical score was haunting. The scenery of being trapped into a snowy realm called a nightmare. It hit on so many aspects that just made it one of the scariest games for me on a heavy mental level.”

Christopher BowenDead by Daylight (2016) /Alan Wake (2010) /Luigi’s Mansion (2001)

“I simply could not choose just one. Every title listed has impacted my horror taste in a way that is unforgettable. Let’s start with Dead by Daylight, my most recent obsession. I love this game. I play it almost every day. The era of online worldwide multiplayer has not only created a lane for competitive play, but also online survival horror titles. Dead by Daylight has successfully created the most captivating, exciting and horrifying experience in that lane and I love every minute of it.”

Alan Wake will ALWAYS have a special place in my heart. Outside of Resident Evil 4, which is my favorite video game of all time and should have made my list, Alan Wake really blew me away. Alan Wake is one of few video game protagonists that I instantly loved and cared about from the very beginning. His journey, his quest to save this wife, his professional life, I was sucked in. Remedy Entertainment took a concept that could have been a low budget horror film and turned it into a writer’s worst horror story. I am not a huge fan of most Xbox franchises, but Alan Wake will always get my money. I pray for the day that a sequel will be announced.

Last but definitely not least, Luigi’s Mansion. This game captured my heart as a child and has continued to keep a tight hold on it. Luigi is my favorite Nintendo mascot to date. I’ve resonated with the tall-linky green plumber. Most at him as the brother that’s gotten the short end of the stick, but the Luigi’s Mansion franchise is easily in my top favorites of Nintendo titles. It’s adorable, it’s spooky, it’s colorful, it’s fun. The gameplay is addicting, and catching ghosts never becomes a chore. Luigi’s Mansion 3 just released today, and I definitely plan on picking it up for my Nintendo Switch.”

That’s it for us over at the Nerd Gang staff! What are some of your favorite horror titles, and why? Let us know. We’d love to hear your story! Stay tuned to The Nation for further updates regarding all things gaming. Happy Halloween!


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