What’s The Most Underwhelming Video Game Of This Current Generation?


Hype really is a virus when it comes to upcoming games. We’ve all had time periods when we were excited for the release of a game, the trailer looks great, the panels and press conferences are promising, the developers are open and consistent on updates and developments with said game. Etc.

The game releases FINALLY. You wait an hour for the install, you let the opening scenes play out, you made sure your controller was charged. You’re ready.

An hour later you got your clown make up on because you didn’t play the game. The game played you.

You ever meet someone online and begin to like them as a person then meet up and this person doesn’t look at all like their profile picture? It’s very similar to that. Yeah, you got catfished.

I’m talking about Hello Games’ very own “No Mans Sky”.
I will NOT go into detail about the good the bad and the ugly because I’ll be here all night with carpal tunnel.

Luckily for the other few who had high hopes for this game, there has been a plethora of patches and updates to the game. So much so that it had its poor reviews updated. I’ve yet to pick it up but things are looking up. Way up. (Space reference)

If you haven’t had a chance to play it yet, go check it out.
What is your most underwhelming game of this current generation? Why?
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