Why Dark-type Pokemon Prospered In Sword & Shield


My favorite typing has been the Dark Pokemon since their introduction in the second generation of the games. (Gold,Silver,Crystal) At that time the idea of a new variety was more than welcomed, but didn’t feel like a complete thought in execution based on the few creatures introduced. Since then we have seen an increase of Dark types over the years but Sword & Shield has revatilized the group with their new inclusions to the series. Here are the new Pokemon that are improving the Dark-type category:

Obstagoon The Great


The new Pokemon is the third evolution of Zigzagoon who was initially introduced in generation three. His region variant for this game, however, is a Dark/Normal-type whose third form has made him into a much more interesting Pokemon.


This is the third evolution of Impidimp, whose typing combines the Dark attribute with the newest added Fairy-typing. The design is unique and refreshing and may even prove a useful addition in competitive circles.


Its the evolution of Nickit, who you can tell has sticky fingers just by name alone. It won’t be a fan favorite in competitive circles, but I’m content with the addition of it in the Pokedex.

It was not only the addition of more Pokemon that enhanced the Dark type but also the addition of the first Dark Gym in the series.

Piers the first-ever Dark Gym Leader

Dark-type Pokemon have never been abundant in the Pokemon games when compared to other types, so these three above listed Pokemon feel much needed. It also tells us GameFreak and The Pokemon Company haven’t forgotten about the underdeveloped category of Pokemon.

Do you like any of the new Dark Pokemon? Let us know and as always keep it locked here at NerdGangNation for all your gaming news and developments.


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