Frozen 2 Movie Review


Spoiler Alert!

Frozen 2; the sequel to Disney’s 2013 blockbuster “Frozen”, continues the adventures of Arendelle’s magical Queen Elsa, her kind sister, Anna, and everyone’s favorite snowman, Olaf. This time around, the characters undertake a dangerous journey to a mysterious enchanted forest, hoping to discover the source of Elsa’s powers. The sisters learn more about their parents’ deaths and backgrounds. While there’s lots of humor (thanks, Olaf!) and of course big musical numbers, the sequel is a bit more intense than the original.

This charming musical sequel again elevates sisterhood, empowerment, love, and acceptance, all while introducing catchy new songs that are sure to please young Elsa and Anna fans. The storyline in Frozen 2 is less straightforward than in the original: There are multiple character arcs, and the youngest viewers may not understand one of the Northuldra plot points (it’s reminiscent of an ugly aspect of U.S. history concerning Native Americans). There are several musical interludes, and enough humor to keep viewers happy and satisfied. No longer awestruck by everything around him, Olaf is maturing in a hilariously philosophical way. He wonders about the meaning of the universe and his place within it, and at times comes off like a clever, angsty teen.

Expect perilous (though never graphic) scenes of elemental spirits chasing and attacking Arendelle/the main characters with wind, water, fire, and more. There are also chases, battle scenes with swords, dark secrets, and — spoiler alert! — a couple of upsetting deaths. Underlining everything are positive messages about sisterhood, empowerment, acceptance, tolerance, perseverance, and true love, and both Anna and Elsa are examples of strong women who lead confidently and communicate with and support each other.

I was surprisingly moved by the score, the dialogue, and the consisitent acts of sisterly care and love. This movie, anyone of any age can enjoy and laugh at. Frozen 2 did a marvelous job at bringing everyone in our households together.

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