The PlayStation Brand has Sold 5 Billion Games


Since the launch of Sony‘s first video game home console, The PlayStation back in 1994, we’ve become witness to some of the most amazing titles to ever hit the market. Some franchises have taken a hiatus while others are still very much at the forefront of video game entertainment. 25 years of excellence and the PlayStation brand has reached an incredible milestone – 5 billion games sold.

breaking down the software numbers across each respective console, the PlayStation 2 is still the king when it comes to home console sales – 1.54 billion. The PlayStation 4 follows closely behind it reigning as the second-best home console of all time – 1.15 billion. The extremely underrated PlayStation 3 sits just above the original PlayStation home console at just under 1 million sales – 999 million. The original PlayStation ranks 4th with respectable numbers – 962 million sales. Last but not least, the PlayStation portable consoles all bring strong numbers for the handheld platform. The PSP sitting at 331 million, and the PS Vita sitting at 28 million. [Source: gtplanet]

2020 marks the year for the introduction of the next-generation consoles. The PlayStation 5 will be launching this holiday, and expectations are high. With a successful launch, we could be reporting on Sony’s next big video game milestone sooner than we predict. Stay tuned to The Nation for further coverage of all things PlayStation.


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