Trademark Suggests a New Mario & Luigi Game for 2020


In 2020, where the year is already packed full of exciting games and next-generation consoles on the horizon, information points to a possible Mario & Luigi sequel arriving as well. An Argentina trademark discovered by LetsGoDigital revealed that Nintendo has plans to continue the beloved brotherly franchise. The platform of choice is unknown as the Mario & Luigi series has only been playable via Nintendo handheld devices such as the Gameboy Advance and the Nintendo 3DS.

The trademark was filed on January 9th and is labeled under “Computer game cartridges, game memory, computer game software“. Both Mario and Luigi have arrived on the Nintendo Switch with flagship titles of their own (Super Mario Odyessy 2017, Luigi’s Mansion 3 2019). It is very possible that Nintendo is gearing up for the Mario Bros. to share the spotlight once again.


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