Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Review


As a DBZ fan who has followed the series since the 1990’s, I was excited for this game. My excitement grew when it was announced to be an attempt at a more open world style DBZ series entry.

The game itself is enormous with plenty of content, whether it be the side quests (fishing & cooking) which provide character buffs and permanent skill enhancements or the newly added story elements taking place between sagas. These were added by Akira Toriyama and provide more information on what characters were up to in times of peace.

One of the things to be aware of in-game is the time-sensitive nature of side quests. If too much main story progression is made certain side quests will become inaccessible for the rest of the game. So in the spirit of maximizing your experience, it’s a good idea to stay on top of side quests.

The animation is stunning even in standard HD and provides another nice touch to the game as a whole. Throughout the game, you will play as multiple characters (not just Goku) each with their own skill sets to power up. You can upgrade characters by collecting Ki orbs that are scattered across larger areas. The skill tree system is reminiscent of Final Fantasy 10 in design (that’s a good thing)

When fighting main story enemies they use MMO boss mechanics which ups the level of intensity and focus required to come out of an encounter victorious, especially when in a 5 vs 1 scenario.

When it comes to fighting mechanics Bandai Nampo wanted all DBZ games going forward to be accessible to new players so they have implemented a simple one combo button feature that can feel repetitive at times, but proper skill customization can serve as a fix to dull combo strings.

While playing this game I have heard complaints that the game itself isn’t like the anime. Rightfully so as they modeled this game after the original manga and that being the case there are differences in the story. All in all, this game is a must-play if you want a full story experience of the DBZ universe and are a fan of the series.


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