Geoff Keighley Will Not Attend E3 2020

First time not attending in 25 years.


The host and producer of The Game Awards and E3 Coliseum, Geoff Keighley, who has been expressing some annoyance with E3 in recent months about where the direction of the show was headed in.

Keighley made this surprising announcement over on his Twitter page today where he stated that he will not be producing E3 Coliseum at the trade show this year.

“While I want to support the developers who will showcase their work, I also need to be open and honest with you, the fans, about precisely what to expect from me,” Keighley said

In a statement given to The Washington Post, Keighley further explained his reasons for skipping the convention this year and seemingly insinuate that ESA isn’t trying to evolve the show any further than it is now.

“Based on what’s been communicated to me about the show, I just don’t feel comfortable participating. It’s no secret that E3 needs to evolve and I have lots of ideas around that, but have decided to take a wait-and-see approach,” Keighley explained. “I’m looking forward to learning more about the ESA’s vision for the show beyond what was in the blog post last week.”

Geoff Keighley is now the 2nd major figure to announce they will skipping E3 2020. Sony announced last month that they will not be attending the trade show for the 2nd year in a row.

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