Robert Downey Jr. Not Iron Man? The Other Avenger He Would Have Portrayed Revealed


In a recent interview with BBC Radio 1, Robert Downey Jr. revealed the MCU hero he most wanted to portray had he not landed his infamous role as Tony Stark in the Marvel Cinematic films. While it’s hard to imagine anyone else as Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr. sat down with interviewer Dev and answered a slew of questions from young children in the UK.

The segment Kids Ask Difficult Questions begins with 7 year old Kaitlyn asking “What was the best birthday you ever had?” Robert Downey Jr. replies with “4 years ago when I turned 50, I rented out an airplane hangar in Santa Monica and Duran Duran opened for Steely Dan and I will never forget it.” Several of Robert Downy Jr’s fellow cast-mates attended his larger-than-life 50th birthday celebration, including Samuel L Jackson and Jeremy Renner. Speaking of Jeremy Renner, one of the questions asked by 10 year old William “If you hadn’t been Iron Man, which super hero would you like to be?” Robert Downey Jr. revealed that although he couldn’t “think of any red-blooded American boy that didn’t imagine themselves as Spider-Man growing up” he’s simply “such a Jeremy Renner fan, especially when he turns into Ronin” that he “would have to say Hawkeye” as that would be his “go-to” super hero of choice.

Robert Downey Jr. not being the face of Iron Man is just too hard to fathom. Had he not been the face of Tony Stark it would have been incredibly fascinating to have seen his particular take on portraying Clint Barton in the MCU films. Iron Man was first released back in 2008 and was a monumental success, grossing over 500 million dollars worldwide and setting the tone for future Marvel films.

Check out the rest of the hilarious interview down below courtesy of BBC Radio 1.

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